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The Virtual Shelling Network

Welcome to the Virtual Shelling Network and

Shelling on Demand!


For many years Laura Catherine has been producing shelling videos on her YouTube channel. Her goal wasn't just to develop a shelling channel, but to create a unique virtual shelling experience.


She coined the term "Virtual Shelling" and the Virtual Shelling Network was born!  No matter where you live, you too can experience shelling right from the comfort of your own home.

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Shelling on Demand!


The VSN is home to Shelling on Demand, a series of Virtual Shelling episodes which contain shelling tutorials, treasure tours, wildlife observation, sea life education and more!


Shelling in southwest Florida, including Sanibel Island, Marco Island, and the 10,000 Islands is amazing!  The VSN provides shellers from all over the world the unique opportunity to virtually visit these beaches and other treasure hunting locations.


Whether you're brand new to shelling and want to learn all the tips and tricks, or a seasoned shell collector who just loves the beach, every single episode provides something special and interesting!


Conservation and Local Businesses


The VSN proudly supports wildlife and marine conservation organizations and is proud to promote and partner with local small businesses.






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